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Ron Duncan
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Ronald Duncan has worked in the industry since the business' conception as an Outside Agent until his recent retirement from government service as the Director of Environmental Management for the County of El Dorado in 1999. Since that time he has also worked to educate himself in Meeting Planning and the cruise industry to achieve the tag of MCC (Master Cruise Counselor). His experience in cruising has exceeded ship experience on over 70 vessels.

Ron brings to the company extensive experience in dealing with people, problem solving ability and sales. His motivation in the business comes from his enthusiasm and ability to find opportunities for his clients through, as he puts it "to get the biggest bang for your buck". He specializes in luxury client sales and manages to get the discriminating vacationer the Best for Less. Ron focuses primarily on luxury and group sales and coordinating group events.

It was Ron's concept to educate clients prior to travel in independent foreign travel and then provide on-the-road trip assistance for them. From this came the date specific "hosted group departure" program. Ron develops itineraries for the F.I.T. (Foreign Independent Traveler) then assists the client from the beginning. Completing an application for Passport and helping create the activities they wish to be involved with at each location, Ron has found a way to satisfy the needs of a variety of people in a single group. He holds pre-meetings covering security, gives helpful hints from packing to educating them about various international locations, and also arranges for excursions and makes reservations for individual group participants to special events.. He has personally completed on-site research, enhancing his ability to meet individual travel tastes. "Not everybody is interested in going to every Cathedral in a country. Some have shopping as their primary focus, others eating and pub-crawling. My clients work hard to play hard! Many are afraid to go it alone but they don't want to follow a leader with a flag in a crowd of people. My FIT hosted group departures are the best of both worlds.see the world on your terms, at the best pricing and have location assistance from a fun loving guy like me. Seriously, why should a client have to waste valuable vacation time going or doing something they don't want or feel like doing."

Ron found a niche in his local community. Clients who are wishing to have more freedom, can, as they develop confidence in traveling to unfamiliar environments. Consequently, Ron has reaped the benefits of a clientele group begging to be included in his next offering.

Kitty and Ty Peterson
Ty: 530.622.4781
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Kitty: 530.626.3916
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Kitty has been in the travel business for over 10 years and is a certified golf specialist. Ty has been playing golf since the age of 8. He played on his high school team at Los Altos, then the first men’s golf team at UC Davis. Los Altos High School is where Ty and Kitty first met and reconnected at their 20th reunion, some 25 years ago!  Ty’s wedding gift to Kitty was her first set of golf clubs! This was truly a sign of their life to come with golf.   As members of Cold Springs Country Club, they have discovered the joy of playing many different courses through the Private Club Network. Golf is a great way to relax when the “hustle and bustle” of traveling gets to be too much. Golf travel is probably one of the most highly specialized areas of the travel business and it takes a dedication to the subject experience and knowledge of the game and partnering with the best tour operators to handle your trip with expertise. So come with us and see the world sights and the golf courses as well!

Kendall Stuessy
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Welcome to Golf on the Go.  I have been an avid golf player and fan for almost 20 years.  Since I retired from a long career as a salesman, I now have even more leisure time for the sport I love.  I have golfed extensively in California and Nevada with family members and friends.  My wife and I have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Wisconsin and South Carolina where we spent many vacation days discovering the exciting courses of those regions.  Four years ago, we took a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands.  As the ship landed at each island, we hopped off with our clubs, and played a great round of golf.   As a lifestyle and golf specialist, I look forward to planning a wonderful golfing trip for you and/or your group.   

George Felix
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George and Jeanne have been in the travel business as an owner of a travel agency for over 20 years. Recently we have joined forces with Cordially Yours Travel bringing our experience and knowledge to developing this golf division Golf on the Go Travels the world. George has been involved in taking golf groups throughout the US and Mexico. Together we have traveled all over the world and George has golfed at many beautiful courses abroad. His knowledge of golf comes from the love of the sport.

Europe has fabulous historic links courses with golf stays at various castles and manor houses. The Caribbean has a lot of to offer too as pro golfers have placed their mark on many of the islands. Hawaii has and outstanding reputation providing some of the best golf experiences in the world.

George and Jeanne are both Caribbean and Hawaii Specialists. George is a Certified Golf Specialists We both hope to interest you or your organization in setting up a golf trip at a new destination of your dreams. We look forward to working with you as you plan your next golf outing.



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